Do you provide samples?

We don’t provide samples unfortunately, however if you wish to try any of our product range we invite you to place a small retail order with us at www.bubbleandblow.co.uk where we can accommodate this which allows you to see the quality of products.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of our shrink wrap is both recyclable and biodegradable
All of our plastic tubs and bottles are made from PET and both are easily recycled through normal household recycling bins
Our bubble dust bags which are in clear recyclable packaging and the lining of the pouches is also PET which is recyclable
The bags we wrap our bath bombs/bath rocks and dusts in when we send them to you are also recyclable, and our packing chips are biodegradable too.

We are really trying to look into ways that we can cut our plastic use further, but it is quite difficult when dealing with cosmetic products sometimes!